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Product description
The screw is designed according to the principle of plastic rheology. It has strong plasticizing ability, good dispersion and even melt temperature. The barrel mouth is provided with a groove and forced water cooling, and the exhaust port is connected with the vacuum system.
Application scope:
1) PE sheet, PE sheet, PP sheet, PP sheet, PVC sheet, PVC sheet, etc. (packaging, chemical industry, electric power, engineering, machinery)
2) PS foam sheet, PS sheet, ABS sheet, etc. (insulation board, decoration, home appliance shell, luggage, toys, electronic products consumables)
3) PMMA plate, PC plate, PETG plate, etc. (chemical industry, culture and education, vehicle, ship, aircraft manufacturing industry; optical lighting such as large lampshade, explosion-proof lamp, window glass of automobile and aircraft)
4) PA plate, peek plate, PTFE plate, PVDF plate

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