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Product description
The screw is made of high-quality alloy steel. After precision processing, tempering and nitriding treatment, it has the best hardness and corrosion resistance. The specially designed screw is equipped with forced conveying bush, which has reasonable structure, stable performance, good plasticization, high output, low energy consumption and clear stratification. It is an ideal choice for the production of multi-functional film with high strength, aging resistance, no drop, light transmission and heat preservation.
Screw diameter: φ 45 - φ 150
Length diameter ratio: 25-32
Product type:
According to different proportion of plastic screw can be selected: ordinary type, pin type, barrier type, separation type, wavy type and so on.
Application fields:
1) Polyethylene film
A) Ordinary polyethylene film, heat shrinkable packaging film, air cushion film, fresh-keeping film (LDPE according to melt index), applied to mulch film, seedling raising film, daily packaging bag, food packaging film, etc;
B) Application of LDPE + LLDPE film in heavy packing bags
C) Film for shed (LDPE for common shed film, LDPE + LLDPE for reinforced shed film)
2) Polypropylene membrane
A) Blow molded packaging film (IPP film)
B) Extrusion casting film (CPP film)
C) Biphase stretch film (BOPP film)
3) PVC membrane
A) Soft PVC blown film
B) Antirust shrink film
C) Rigid PVC transparent packaging film (PVC cellophane)
Treatment process:
Nitriding treatment
Technical parameters:
Nitriding depth: 0.50mm-0.80mm
Nitriding hardness: 900-1000hv
Nitriding brittleness: < grade 1
Straightness of screw: 0.015mm
Hardness of surface chromium plating layer after nitriding: ≥ 950hv
Thickness of chromium plating layer: 0.025-0.085mm
Double alloy depth: 3mm plating

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