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The screw structure of blowing bottle has common type and high-yield type, and the length diameter ratio has 25:1, 28:1, 30:1, 32:1. The screw compression ratio is combined with the compression ratio of parison head to meet the controllability of material temperature, the controllability of material plasticization degree and the stability of material flow at the discharge end during extrusion. Reasonable shearing and dispersing elements make the additive and material knead more evenly, and the structure of different aspect ratio is different. For example, separated screw: after many experiments, the auxiliary edge is led out at a reasonable position, which can solve the gas impurities produced in the process of feeding,

compression and screw drying. In order to adapt to the high-yield screw and powder feed, slotted bushing and strong cold water circulation are set in the feed section of the barrel, so as to increase the friction and enhance the pumping capacity of the screw.
Screw structure for
PE, PP, ABS, pet, PETG, PA, etc
For the following models
Blow molding machine for special-shaped parts: chair back, base, tray, car water tank, toolbox, etc
Urea, chemical stacker
Daily chemical washing bottle blowing machine
Food and beverage bottle blowing machine
Highway facilities blow molding machine

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