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The new type of high efficiency screw adopts the optimized composition of separating screw and mixing element, and the barrel adopts the optimized design of grooved barrel and extended feeding section.
Through the combination of separating screw and grooving barrel, the following advantages can be obtained:
1) The melting process of the material is optimized so as to increase the extrusion yield and realize the extrusion of the material melt at a lower temperature.
2) Through the special shearing action in the isolation gap, the material has achieved good homogenization.
3) The melt plasticization process is controlled, that is to say, only particles with smaller separation gap can enter the melt channel.
Applicable materials:
PVC (PVC-U, SPVC), PE, PP, ABS, PC, PA, pet, PTFE, etc
Application scope:
General purpose screw: water supply (discharge) pipe, gas pipe, threading pipe, transparent hose, medical hose, PP-R pipe, POM pipe, etc
High efficiency screw: single (double) wall corrugated pipe, solid wall pipe, steel belt pipe, etc
Exhaust screw: Transparent PMMA pipe, PC pipe, PC lampshade, ABS pipe, etc
Screw for special engineering plastics: PTFE pipe, PVDF pipe, etc
It provides a wide range of processing for different materials, and is suitable for various polyolefin raw materials, especially for HDPE, PP, ABS pipe materials.

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